Publisher’s Weekly on “Heaven”

Heaven. The word evokes all kinds of images and feelings in the hearts of people virtually everywhere. In some corners, heaven is seen as a vague sense of euphoria, a state of everlasting bliss. In other corners, heaven is a busy place, where eternal progression is the challenge of eternity. In this fine work, Miller, religion editor for Newsweek, surveys this fascinating subject from the earliest days of Judaism to contemporary expressions of faith. Beneath her pleasing prose and often amusing observations about the afterlife, there is a longing, a desire to be part of what heaven really is. And it is this sense of personal yearning that informs her delightful and insightful study. Heaven is hope, “a constant hope for unimaginable perfection even as we fail to achieve it.” This marvelous work is a readable and wonderfully realized study of this “constant hope” that we share. And whether we align with Augustine or with the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith, whether we’re informed by scripture or by popular culture, Heaven will delight and edify readers at every level.
Publisher’s Weekly

“When Newsweek religion editor Lisa Miller was a child, she imagined heaven as a benevolent place in the clouds. Now, as an adult, she isn’t so sure, admitting candidly, “I approach religion from an uneasy, nontraditional place.” Like many Americans, she has long grappled with the most basic of questions: What is heaven? And how do we get there?