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Take Up Space: The Unprecedented AOC

by Lisa Miller

An “unprecedented” biography by Lisa Miller and the editors of New York magazine, featuring an essay by Rebecca Traister that explains why Ocasio-Cortez is an unprecedented figure in American politics, and multiform explorations (reportage, comic, history, analysis, photography) of AOC’s outsize impact on American culture and politics.

"Take Up Space: The Unprecedented AOC"
by Lisa Miller

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“AOC is revealed in all her power and vulnerability, and understood in the context of the fast-changing America that made her possible—and perhaps even inevitable.”

Heaven Our Enduring Fascination with the Afterlife by Lisa Miller

Heaven: Our Enduring Fascination with the Afterlife

by Lisa Miller

A groundbreaking history of the hereafter, “Heaven” by New York magazine contributing editor and religion editor Lisa Miller draws from both history and popular culture to reveal how past and presage visions of heaven have evolved and how they inspire us to both good and evil.

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“Lisa Miller has long been the fairest and most engaging journalist covering religion in America. In Heaven, she has accomplished the impossible: She has written a book about religion that fundamentalists, moderates, liberals, and nonbelievers alike can read with extreme pleasure.”
–Sam Harris, New York Times bestselling author of The End of Faith and Letter to a Christian Nation