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  1. Father God’s directives and commandments regarding man changed enormously as a result of the fall of Adam and Eve – never knowing what they set in motion, hence the long ill existent – ‘separation of church and state; when in fact King David included Father God in EVERYTHING’ and that of the first ever murderer – Cain = (187/Murder), never knowing what he set in motion. As the law of sin and death entered, Adam and Eve became mortal. Adam lost his job and he and his wife were booted out of paradise. The world’s residents who were once 100% vegetarian, in many cases became meat-eaters, leaving a bloody trail of “kill or be killed”.

    At any rate, you (human’s) – loosely said, don’t wanna do what’s required, ie: zero tolerance, clean house/sweep.

    Example: those in power: 10 – 20 years’ hard labor, state pen, general pop, maybe – with parole. All of their financial fund’s = given away unto valid, honest local charities (ie: churches’,, and the misc local place’s that have exhibitedly shown and proven to help and assist those in need – to hence, get back on their feet, thus, them trying to make a life of their own, misc).

    Any external group gets in the way, misc = automatic year along with them (above). If one/they (pack – weapon, hence, get stupid), automatic 5 years’ with those above.

    The prison/jail system (as a whole), strip all internal, per inmate’s (item’s in cell and misc privileges’), and one book, their choice to accept/take/receive it or not – Father God’s Word. No visitor’s, thus, they must communicate solely through validated, misc those of the church. These fools’ in general must feel/sense the loss of (vastness with being in pen/jail).

    And this talk of 2012, fool’s need to stop exhibiting themselves as Lucifier’s humanistic court jester’s, giving that ultimate fool just something else to laugh at, and historic, continuous ill audience; if Father God isn’t even telling King, Majesty JC, what’s makes any human (s) think He’s gonna tell you before Him? Stupid!

    You talk about ‘something needs to be done’, you human’s, by the Free Will and power of God don’t wanna do what has to be done, BUT, not one drop of blood spill, not one.

    And what you WON’T ever see, is a proper handled, misc 3 strike policy implemented unto all those in power; 3 strike’s and their out, with implemented legal civil, criminal and financial strict, bold, misc zero tolerant consequence’s.

    No, you don’t wanna clean sweep/house, you human’s rather ie: 6.8 genocide, division of the classes, historic, continuous humanistic court jester’s, giving that ultimate fool just something else to laugh at, and historic, continuous ill audience unto Lucifier’s tramp butt.

    Ya just don’t ‘get’ – Free Will, AND one’s (above) record = 2 in 1 deal, going hand in hand. All Father God wanted to do was ‘create’ something, and you human’s have, since Adam and Eve, and the first ever murderer – Cain have done is ‘force’ Father God’s hand, like the ultimate parent, in validating, justifying, misc/etc via/per Father God’s Word = 2 Life Test period’s, 2 Judgment day’s and 2 Lucifer disposition’s, whether any human wants to agree or not. I’LL TELL YA WHAT YA GONNA DO, continue as historically has humanity has, until Father God decides to ‘call it’. And ya got no idea of the scene (thereof) amidst the FIRST J.D. (Judgment Day). This Earth (NOT destroyed, just like say, a marble ball on fire, burning everything to the earth ground, then blown clean by the breath of Father God, thus, then the new, second Life Test period soon after begins (which is post, there after the first rapped up Judgment day.

    Time doesn’t exist above, nor does it exist on earth. Human’s exhibit more out of their mouth, then first consulting with what is, what’s really/actually yet to come. After all the little sign’s whether it be all around us on Earth, TV, Film, whatever, human’s just exhibit their foolishness with (blah, blah, blah and walking away).

    So . . . go ahead humanity, reap (yet to come) what you have so sowed. Because this, all of it, everywhere, is not what Father God wanted, but as past shows, the ultimate clean house/sweep is yet to come over: 2 Life Test period’s, 2 Judgment day’s and 2 Lucifer disposition’s, before (those exhibited there, in the far, very end), will be, then, what Adam and Eve SHOULD HAVE ALWAYS been. And so like standing back, say, from a painting or (?), and gazing, pondering, misc at say, the time line, from Adam and Eve through (those exhibited there, in the far, very end), ya see all the (stuff) in between Father God has had to, is doing, and yet to do, all because of humanity from Adam and Eve, and the first ever murderer – Cain, when (again), all God wanted to do was create something, which like Linda Hamilton in ‘T2’/dining room – ‘You don’t know what’s it’s like to REALLY create something’.

    So be it, glory unto Holy Majesty JC, H.S. – Holy Spirit, Father God.

  2. I am no ‘Billy Graham’, I am not trying to exhibit being religious, I’m not ‘all that’, nor perfect. Just another guy, a man, whom has, ‘Breath – Mist energy’ in flesh and blood of a body for just over (4) decade’s – dispensed down here like anyone else out of God, has seen a lot, and know with time doesn’t exist above and it doesn’t exist down here, me – being low income, been through (5) year’s of ill run “HUD’s” Section 8 housing program, had my share of trial and error/good and bad life experience’s. With LA’s over 3,800,000 per online source’s and these ‘fools’ in local power – for (2) decade’s I’ve been in LA, per more now (currently/presently), everybody got a (above) accountable ‘life record’ whom has a ‘Life Recorder’ Angel assigned to it. ‘Free Will’ usage and that (above) accountable ‘life record’ go ‘hand in hand’ = (2) in (1) deal. God just wanted to create something, hence, (6) days; (ie: Linda Hamilton’s remark in “T2″/dining room, mentioning about ‘creating something’). Will Smith mentioned a remark (ie: God didn’t do this, we did; if we listen, we can still hear God’s plan – “I Am Legend). Arnold mentioned about (‘nature’ in “T2”). Whether through film, various media, print, etc/misc. And ie: ‘Free Will’, aside (for a moment of one’s (above) accountable ‘life record’, what it is, is ‘i.f.w’ usage = ill free will usage, regardless to say the least, for any in part fact, that LA’s over 3,800,000 have suffered abnormally, misc because of these fool’s in local power. Additionally, no brainer, they have made a mockery of what it means to truly but humanly – imperfectly ‘LEAD’, with a balance of everything that exists, misc, to properly ‘Regulate’, (zero tolerance). There SERIOUSLY needs to be a drastic power holder ‘Clean House’, before humanity does the unthinkable: any pop number of genocide. You will never see a (3) strike policy implemented unto those, anyone in power; even ‘i.a.’ = ‘internal affairs’ per law enforcement industry/field has even been known to merely just give a ‘slap on the hand’. I mean that let former head of “HUD” (Jackson, 62) walk (re: ill use of “HUD’s” $ taking care of friend’s and family), hence you know if that brother was sent to the ‘Pen’, general pop, even the brother’s would have gotten with that fool, “Yo, my mama’s on Section 8, barely making it, and here yo tramp ass living fat, taking care of yo own”. We should be lucky (regardless) that God hasn’t lost His cool yet. What’s yet to come? People, say for (?) example, of LA’s over 3,800,000 are gonna be pushed over the edge and too far and what? Whomever, even underground, organized, put out smokin’ life contract’s out on these local ill power fool’s? I’m telling you, I’m just a mere low income civilian, witnessing this and that as anyone, even with hearing all the info on (ie: AM radio, Kevin James on 870 AM and other’s), even with why local TV anchor’s don’t discreetly in such a way as they exhibit, report, even minimally like those of (ie: AM radio, Kevin James on 870 AM and other’s). Maybe because TV is different than radio, maybe radio doesn’t do enough as TV would. State, Fed’s, (?), who? God never gave more than (?) can handle, has, through ageless example’s amidst history, given info on how to be in a power position. Read it for yourself, don’t take my word for it = (2) ‘Life Test’ period’s, (2) Judgment Days and (2) Lucifer dispositions; standing back and seeing Adam and Eve at/on one end and seeing on the other end – a very few for example, with all the (ie: time line and what we may call history, misc) – post the second/final ‘Life Tests’ period, Judgment Day and Lucifer disposition, thus, those few exhibited as Adam and Eve should have always been. Here, allow me . . .

    (2) ‘Life Test’ period’s – (creation through currently/present is the first ‘Life Test’ Period, and that second is: JC/King – reigning for 1,000 years/ (10) centuries).

    (2) Judgment Days – (we haven’t even reach the first Judgment Day yet – how/what you think is gonna be exhibited thereof, the scene, before one’s eye’s – say standing next to JC for a moment, like on a stage and seeing into the crowd/audience. The second Judgment Day will be after JC/King – reigning for 1,000 years/ (10) centuries).

    And the (2) Lucifer dispositions – first the ‘bottomless pit’ – post the first Judgment Day, and amidst while – JC/King – reigning for 1,000 years/ (10) centuries. And then, out for a brief period to test again, and then second/final disposition – into the ‘lake of fire’ forever/eternity.

    So many people have had their lives cut short, their ‘Life Record’ closed and seal (regardless) until the first Judgment Day (normal above process procedure) and that ‘Life Recording’ Angel reassigned unto another new record (‘Breath – Mist energy’ dispensed into flesh and blood of a body, ie: born). Yeah, its holy war, but it’s more. Wonder why God gives Lucifer alittle more, if any at all? Because humanity (loosely) through ageless, time no exist, momentarily has continued to force God’s hand in doing so BECAUSE of ‘i.f.w’ usage = ill free will usage, hence, ‘Free Will’ and ‘life record’ go ‘hand in hand’ = (2) in (1) deal. And trust me, look around, because no brainer ‘it was never suppose to be like this’ and it never will be again, amidst AND post the first Judgment Day; While the first Judgment Day is going on, like (?), say the (2) fire scene’s I can recall, one in ‘T2″ and the other in “Independence Day”, but then there’s also somewhat in “2012”, whom what? Walk out of theatre (s) like Dana Carver/’Church Lady’, “Well ain’t that special”. Yeah, we’ll see just how more so that is – yet to come. God has NEVER been playing, just wanted to create something. Forget (Life) elsewhere (ie: NASA is a joke, etc). There is no reincarnation, astrology, etc b/s, ‘big bang’; yeah first Judgment Day is gonna big bang (?) those into the lake of fire. “B.i.b.l.e” = Basic – instructions – Before – Leaving – Earth. But it’s like (???) people, even more so those of power: ‘I ain’t (trying to) hearing (all) that’, ‘I no hear no’; yeah, hey gonna hear it yet to come, and have eternity to think, and bitch and scream about it with other’s, believe that. Think about this too – cities like Watts, Compton, South Central, etc should even be like this/that, should be like any nicer city; a city is a thing, people make up a city (in general), thus, those, whom have chosen (clueless, misc) to bang up, misc it for the rest of other’s, be it a city, online social networking site’s, those whom have chosen to seek out and contaminate the nature and lifestyle of naturalism, nudist, misc with their ill issue’s of ill mixing ‘Just Being’, with (sex – an activity of two or more). We feel this is too surreal, hence the keyword, ‘real’, but in fact, we don’t know what (REAL) is. Faith you ask? Hebrews, chapter 11, verse 1: (various version break down’s) – is (substance of), is the foundation on which all our hopes for the future are built, and/or being sure of what, well-grounded assurance of that for which we hope / we hope for, what we expect and certain of what we do not see, is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen, will come about; it – is the – gives – convinces us assurance, conviction or persuasion of, about things, evidence we cannot see. An excellent description of faith by the effects, because it represents things which are but yet in hope, and sets as it were before our eyes things that are invisible. Without faith we would be limited to the very narrow world comprehended by the senses. At any rate, yes, (2) ‘Life Test’ period’s, (2) Judgment Days and (2) Lucifer dispositions will occur and happen, BUT, certainly, is doesn’t have to eternally be damming for so many, especially those in power. Sigh . . . but yeah, like looking in the mirror, say, upon Judgment Day, because of, ‘Free Will’ and ‘life record’ go ‘hand in hand’, there ain’t gonna be anywhere to point the finger, blame some one else, misc, no deniability. I mean, for another example, amidst the last (2) decades, with 80,000 homeless any given night and regardless (that/of) it may (?) stand at currently/presently via: – LA County – 48,053. Still, with all the vacant (ie: residential) lot’s around LA County, thus, have turned this LA city and county (various location’s, misc) into a complete utter wasteland, and because of my own witnessing, seeing exhibited, conclusion’s, thought ponderings, and life hardship’s and temporarily staying in low income skid row like housing, all one really need’s, to begin and start working toward, say, better housing, is minimally 200 – 400 sq ft studio apt’s, if even bungalows, raised unto 1, 2, 3, even way higher stories, rent’s all under $1,000, Section 8 WITH on-site support services, utilizing a majority of the land (vacant lot) there of, for full and complete apt rental building structure/foundation, regardless of how narrow a lot maybe. If any parking provided, either on the street OR, above ground (no digging other than for water, misc pipe laying) car port (s) one or two level’s under apt unit’s on the bottom one or two level’s. And no high end added in stuff in unit, cut costs, use basic, but proper, cheapest, but long term durability materials. Even in LA’s council district 1, ie: 7th/Hoover/8th, even in more larger Westlake district, there all over the place, even ‘La Brea’ and Fountain/WeHo – West Hollywood, Echo Park, elsewhere. It’s just sickening. Cut cost’s, negotiate deal’s with developer’s – (zero tolerance); that number (80,000 homeless any/every night), not the people, should have disappeared year’s, even decade’s ago, heck, even! Maybe not even existed, BUT, we know different, don’t we. That which is not spoken, by anyone in power, anywhere, even but the so – called ill – ‘Masons’; say they hide among and amidst 6.7 billion but call even the shot’s of most in Big power (ie government, etc). Their weak, regardless of whom they know. LA – a yet to become utmost and utter wasteland of division of ‘classes’ of the/it’s people, just like in God’s Word, to what, round up (???) like rat’s, yet to come ill – LA 3,800,00 or even worse: Earth – 6,820,803,066 <as of: 03:06 UTC (EST+5) May 14, 2010 – genocide, to somewhat, somehow save money, population control? Ugh, whatever . . . I can’t help but feel like (regardless) – Matthew Broderick/’War Games”: (I wish I didn't know about any of this. I mean, yeah, nice song Enigma, (Return to innocence), but per recent or past ill housing loss circumstance’s, I was just wanting to look forward to a sane, realistic sense or gained, come to past, self healing and recovery. No, I wouldn’t be able to regain that sense of un-taintedness of (?, everything ill), and regardless of be excused of ‘running (away)’, I don’t care what people say/think, minimally. I’m down here like anyone else, and if it meant anything, I’m a civilian just like anyone else, and I know what I don’t wanna be exposed unto and of. Nothing can be comprehensibly amplified enough, only H.S. = (Holy Spirit) = God/JC = Trinity – gets it! Hence God’s Word, always been there, as God/JC/HS – "B.i.b.l.e" = Basic – instructions – Before – Leaving – Earth. Think about when the universal horn (s) from Heaven are sounded off prior unto the moment of silence = pre – first Judgment Day. Whomever can go through all the daily motion’s they want, it does not lessen, misc, etc the fact of ‘What is’, and has been since Adam and Eve’s – setting forward in motion, AND, if (?) don’t think of it, the one whom committed the first ‘187’ –murder: (Genesis 4:8), and what, no brainer from Arnold in “T2”: It's in your nature to destroy yourselves. Ya think, sigh . . . God help us, know not what we do, but like Him, “What, I create something, you all have individual ‘free will’, don’t give more than any (one) can handle, you al even go as far as divide and stop, making me, my Son – Jesus and Holy Spirit everything’ and you think what, I no (yet to come): (2) ‘Life Test’ period’s, (2) Judgment Days and (2) Lucifer dispositions? Uh, Yeah, think – again, it will come to pass, you can bet/count on it! I AM the one whom has (always) been here, waiting for all – each individual ‘Breath – Mist energy’ in flesh and blood of a body to come unto me always, in each given, day, night, moment, instance, for better or worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish I, my Son – Jesus and Holy Spirit = Trinity, to obey – (especially those in power over civilian’s”. If all of you individual ‘Breath – Mist energy’ in flesh and blood of a bodies think I am not going to rectify everything in creation, not kidding yourself of otherwise and/or anything else and think again. This all, everything, will never be like this again, ever, and unfortunately, vast in comprehensible number of individual ‘Breath – Mist energy’ – soul’s will burn, never die = kept alive, to think, misc for eternity (just) what you each, have done (thus), ‘writing your own’ reviewable, accountable ‘life record’, hence, forcing the (writing hand of) Angel – ‘Life Recorder’, I’ve assigned unto each ‘Life Record’, sort of like = spiritual/eternal/breath mist energy/soul damnation, misc. You just don’t get it, because of those whom have ‘chosen’ via their (understood or not) ‘Free Will’ to turn away from Me, my Son Jesus, and hence, Holy Spirit. So yeah, in a sense, it is a no brainer, what’s yet to come, and when it happens, you’re gonna say what then? This, no brainer, is not what I wanted, but I chose to ‘work with it’, through my Son Jesus, but still humanity continues on, hence, forcing My Hand, not leaving/giving Me any other choice = (2) ‘Life Test’ period’s, (2) Judgment Days and (2) Lucifer dispositions. So Be It! So it shall come to pass as I see fit, as only I, creator of all, know the time and date of the end; which in essence, is not upon the first Judgment Day, most probably per my Word perhaps unless I decide otherwise, will be post the second/final disposition of Lucifer – into the ‘lake of fire’ forever/eternity. And of course by then everything will be, (incomprehensible unto you individual ‘Breath – Mist energy’ – soul’s), different to say the least. So I wait, on you all, giving you chance after chance. Sigh . . . I want to forgive and bless, misc but you humanity (think) parenting is something, you have no comprehensible idea, what you all do, forcing My Hand, forcing me to make decision’s I’d prefer not to make. Sigh . . . So be it, and so has it shall be. Amen.

  3. Me: Breath – mist energy dispensed out of Him (Father God) who just wanted to create something, hence, (6) day’s; (ie: “You don’t know what it’s like to really create something; to create a life; to feel it growing inside you” – from: Sarah Conner/Linda Hamilton, “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” – 1991) = (2) Life test period’s, (2) Judgement Day’s, and (2) Lucifer disposition’s, (like STANDING BACK and looking at (a/the) time line (ie: time doesn’t exist above, doesn’t exist on Earth = time being nothing more than a tool in which Father God uses to measure His agenda), thus, those, more or few, left standing, exibited thereof, in/at the very end, (and I don’t mean like ie: movie/film, “Highlander” – ‘There can be only one’), but it is ‘they’, whom will know and BE, as Adam and Eve SHOULD have always (have) been..

    Me: (4) decade’s – (Monday afternoon, February 17th, 1969, 1:31pm or 13:31; after 9 month’s), born into humanistic dysfunctional relation’s amidst fellow human’s, moved around – gathering/gaining (? life experience’s?) until (18) year’s of age (Tuesday afternoon, February 17th, 1987, 1:31pm or 13:31) = ‘LA’ – (2) decade’s; Section 8 housing program (via/per through “HUD” = local ‘HACLA’/”LA City Housing Authority” = (5) year’s (late 2004 – Friday, April 30th, 2010), (?) in local/state/federal power, (? number) of local civilian’s, me choosing to want to hold onto what little sanity I have left.

  4. Free Will (which is literally utilized every moment we each are down here with breath – in the body) – is not something that can be forced (<which I and God/JC know that). I can present info and hope someone might, may, will, allow me to come forward, but it comes down to their free will, and no matter what, I can not hate, misc because of that. But dam, what is wrong with people? Ugh, sigh. I can't think of/got nothing, else I can, misc say; (?, outer/external suppression) of (?), but instead – humble acceptance of, I must (simply?) keep going forward, unto the best of my ability, for better or worse, sickness or in health, rich or poorer, whatever; barely holding on to what little sanity, misc I have left. Like movie's/film's: "Knowing"/Nick Cage, "Day After Tomorrow", "2012", so many other's, and line's – extracted from so many, that have been said, whether by Will Smith, Terminatior, sigh . . . so matter, say, how JC has tried to reach people in so many little way's, humanity maybe – as a whole, no hear, just saying for example, I don't mean everyone.

    To what end, 6.7 billion genocide? (2) life test period's, (2) judgement day's and (2) Lucifier disposition's = (then better than the past 7th day)with those remaining, whom have THEN passed God/JC's approval with reap positive eternal life, because of what: Adam and Eve's screw up? No Mother Nature = Earth's Curse, Child bearing pain's = Female's Curse, Sweat off the brow = Male's Curse there in/of: (and mind you it doesn't matter that woman was the first, nor is there any place of continued blame – NO) – Genesis chapter 3, verse's 14 – 19. It has (sort of) nothing to do with Adam and Eve any more, but say, exhibited free will usage, even as TIME, really doesn't exist, not up in Heaven, nor on Earth, nothing down here, literally is suppose to be (like this): (2) life test period's, (2) judgement day's and (2) Lucifier disposition's = (then better than the past 7th day) with those remaining, whom have THEN passed God/JC's approval with reap positive eternal life.

  5. Regardless of what humanity thinks/says/does, misc of what they (?) the ‘norm’, etc is or should be, those whom may or may not, directly or in-directly exhibit (?) of: ‘division of the classes’, make (?) all about money = ?, live by ?, die by ?. Clueless, in denial of 6.7 billion individual heaven – life record’s (including my own), recorded by a assigned ‘Life Recorder’ – (Angel), hence pre-J.D. prepping.

    Never the less, I will march on, I will not give up, I will not sway, I will not fret, misc/etc, thus, try and keep myself in check/check myself, know and believe what I do (I can be an asset and benefit to someone = ‘Reduced Monthly Rental Room for Daily Work Done’ deal), for better or worse, and (despite for so long I’ve tried to maintain holding on to what sanity, misc I barely have left that clearly was more – (4) decade’s ago – me being (41) = 2/17/69, 1:31pm:

    Father/JC/HS, Please – Grant me the serenity, misc to accept the things I cannot change, the courage, misc/etc to change the things I am allowed, and the wisdom, misc, to know the difference (if any). Living one day at a time, remembering that tomorrow is not promised to me, that I know the difference between right and wrong and that within reason that you don’t give me more that I can handle (ie: MacGvyer), but that if I deem (re: my moving is right for me, then you’ll be there to support me in my effort’s – that I must do the work). Accepting hardships, misc as the pathway to (peace?); Trusting that You – Father/JC/HS, will make all things right, so that I may be reasonably happy in this life prior to my entering (Your) sleep program until J.D. I ask for nothing more, hence, amidst a ‘Reduced Monthly Rental Room for Daily Work Done’ deal in the first minimal (30) day’s to FEEL something, and post – (6) month’s before my self healing and recovery can kick it and begin to self process. Humbly, if (YOUR) willing, anytime after that, would be nice, say, prior to entering (Your) sleep program until J.D. In (YOUR) name, Jesus I ask it/this of (You), but (we) know you are free to decide what (You) will; I will understand, being solely Breath/Mist energy, nothing more. Thank you. Sigh . . .

  6. Billy the Kid (actor: Emilio Estevez)’s line in “Young Guns”, (They’ll let Murphy and his bankers get away with anything and I can’t allow that!), like maybe rock group: “Twisted Sister’s” (We’re not gonna take it anymore). Or here’s one for ya, a scene from the film, “Dogma”, between actor’s Matt Damon and Ben Affleck – (BARTLEBY) < character name in film – the line was: In the beginning, it was just us and Him. Angels and God. And then He created the humans. And He gave them more than He ever gave us Angels. Our's was designed to be a life of servitude and worship – adoration. But He gave the humans more – He gave them a choice, free will. They can choose to ignore God, choose to acknowledge Him. All this time we've been down here, everyday I felt the absence of the Divine presence. And it pained me… as I'm sure it must have pained you sometimes, even though you'd gloss over it with jokes. But we feel his absence, and why? Because of the way He made us – as servants. Had we been given free will, we could ignore the pain… like them, humans. Loki, don't you get it? It's the humans – it's always the humans. They were given paradise; they threw it away, via Adam & Eve. They were given this planet; they destroyed it, via the curse that was placed upon this earth, as humanity continues to destroy Earth. They (humans) were favored best among all His (God) endeavors; and some of them Humans) don't even believe He (God, even Lucifer) exists. Their ego-mania corroded Hell and made it dark and crimson. (BARTLEBY looks at Loki) – I asked you to lay down your sword years ago – why? Because I, BARTLEBY, felt sorry for them (humans). And where did it get us? Thrown out. Here’s some of my favorite’s: Linda (Sarah) in “T1”: I didn't ask for it (to be dispensed out of God – from non-individualism/entity unto – as an individual) and I don't want it, Any of it. Sometimes, we all feel like Linda (Sarah) in “T1”: It'll never be over, will it? Look at me, I'm shaking. But again, I’m braced with confidence of God going to renew everything, but to do not, He knows He must clean house (Earth) for the second and final time: THE SKY EXPLODES into WHITE LIGHT. Everything is seared by the unholy glare, hotter than a thousand suns. The people ignite like match heads and burning, screaming silently, everything silent and over exposed. People’s flesh and clothing are burning, silently. The blast wave hits . . . a near-solid wall of compressed air followed dominated by constant high velocity SWIRLING HURRICANE (250) mph craylon gas, sand and winds. People, charcoal statues frozen in positions of play, explode into black leaves of ash and swirl away. Sound hit now, with a thunderous roar. People's screams’ merges with the howl of the wind as the blast hits them, exploding the flesh from their bones. Like some tour of the ‘yet-to-come’ nuclear-age inferno, like also the fire scene in the film, “Independence Day”, leaving nothing but a remaining desolate, barren sand heap of a lifeless planet and landscape with the scent of age long creation’s burnt smoke in the air, being blown about by the lonely bitter wind breeze. Knowing the war of all wars is coming, it visiting me every time I close my eyes, feeling all hope recede for myself and for humanity Lost and alone, but a survivor – (My whole life has been internal spiritual holy civil ‘souls’ war combat amidst humanity & ? = Pain can be controlled, you simple just disconnect it mentally, emotionally, physically, misc. Like “Kansas’s” (Dust in the Wind) song, or “80’s rock band, “White Lion’s” (When the Children cry), even Phil Collins “Land of Confusion”.

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