The “Colbert Report’s” Steven Colbert Interviews Lisa

On June 2, 2010, Steve Colbert interviewed Lisa. Lisa talks about the who invented heaven, origins of heaven, and what heaven is like. Steven asks, “If you misbehave in heaven, do you go to heaven hell?”

Visit or watch the clip below:

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  1. You are of course ignoring the Zoroastrians who ‘invented’ heaven / hell / and purgatory about 600bc…..well before the Jews ‘invented’ heaven.
    The Zoroastrians also ‘invented’ a form of the Trinity and were, for there time, quite advanced, being an early monotheistic religion.
    As an aside the Three Wise Men were Zoroastrian and the word magician has its root in the word Magi, used to describe the men from the East.

  2. The part I didn’t get was when you said the Jews invented Heaven. That the idea that your good behavior correlated with some place in the sky with God or that one goes to heaven based on their fidelity to God was originally a Jewish one. I thought that the Zoroastrian religion was responsible for that idea and long before 200 B.C. And I know you’re aware of the Zoroastrians because I’ve read some of your book. So I’m a little curious as to why you would say that the Jews and not the Zoroastrians invented Heaven.

  3. Just saw the interview. It was great. It gave me some food for thought…I never knew Heaven was a concept made up about 200 bc. Definitely want to read the book now.

  4. I just saw your interview on the Colbert’s show. I have not read your book yet but I do not agree with your assumption about when and by whom heaven was invented! The concept of heaven is definitely way older than 200 years B.C.

    Did you refer to Bhagavata Purana while doing your research? That is the first documented reference to heaven!

  5. Heaven-hell—-Colbert is such an inspired goof ;p

    Have fun with Ian Punnett on Coast to Coast tonight. 6 min vs 3 hours — will sure give you time to flesh the subject out with an ordained Minister.

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