Nightline’s Juju Chang interview’s Lisa on Stay-At-Home Dads

Imagine this — men stay at home doing the house work while we women go to work. Forget the backlash over stay at home moms. Now it’s stay at home dads under fire.

If you don’t see the video, click here

1 thought on “Nightline’s Juju Chang interview’s Lisa on Stay-At-Home Dads”

  1. After decades of people leaving their kids home with nannies and unrelated babysitters, or having them spend 40+ hours a week in day care, it is fantastic news that more dads are taking over. To have someone at home, who unconditionally loves the child, does wonders for that lucky little person, whether it’s mom OR dad. Lisa Miller is right on — not all people want to “Lean In.” What better investment could there be than staying home with your offspring? Having a parent/partner at home while kids are growing up is good for society at large. We are going to see a better generation of human beings because of this important social development.

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