New digital Bible could hasten decline of bound Scriptures.

For an hour on Tuesday I was able to imagine a world in which the Good Book no longer existed—at least not in book form.

Two men arrived in my office to show me their new product, a digital Bible called GLO (pronounced “glow”). Unlike other digital Bibles—which look, well, like Bibles—this one is cool with a capital C. Designed for people who prefer to read while they’re watching TV and texting and downloading music, GLO is to the Bible what SimCity is to the comic book: an interactive scriptural immersion experience. Go to Exodus 25, for example. There, you can read, in the New International Version translation, the description of the Tabernacle the Hebrews built in the desert, where they sacrificed animals on altars to the Lord and, more importantly, where they stored in an ark the stone tablets upon which God had inscribed the Ten Commandments.