Catholic Bishops Get It Right on Immigration

Let’s hear it for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. I’m not even remotely joking. Catholic bishops, both in the U.S. and abroad, have taken a justified beating in the press of late (including in this magazine) over their defensive and self-serving efforts to explain the Vatican hierarchy’s role in the sex-abuse crisis that continues to roil Europe. But, as my grandfather used to say, when they’re right, they’re right. On the question of immigration reform and, in particular, on Arizona’s new law S.B. 1070, the bishops aren’t just right. They’re righteous.

The law, which Gov. Jan Brewer signed last week, essentially allows local police to investigate—and then detain or trigger deportation proceedings against—any person about whom they have a “reasonable suspicion” of residing in Arizona without documentation. (Just how law-enforcement officers will do this without violating the protections guaranteed by the Constitution will be the focus of forthcoming lawsuits.) After the bill passed, Cardinal Roger Mahony, who grew up in Los Angeles—a city where half the residents are of Hispanic or Latino origin—vented on his blog. Careful parsing has characterized bishops’ public statements of late; here Mahony lets it rip. S.B. 1070 is “the country’s most retrogressive, mean-spirited, and useless anti-immigrant law,” he wrote—a product of “totally flawed reasoning: that immigrants come to our country to rob, plunder, and consume public resources.” He went on to compare the legislation to incipient Nazism.

10 thoughts on “Catholic Bishops Get It Right on Immigration”

  1. What do you say to the thousands of people who are attempting to migrate to the U.S. LEGALLY? Get to the back of the line while we grant amnesty to all those who have entered ILLEGALLY?

  2. It’s clear that you haven’t read the law in question. Law enforcement officers would check for citizenship ONLY after they stop a person for some violation of the law.

    I’m an American citizen, and when I get stopped by the police, I have to show my driver’s license, proof of insurance, and tag receipt. Those are “my papers”. If someone can’t show such paperwork, then I WANT law enforcement to question them further.

    The language of the law is actually less rigorous than the Federal law.

    I had looked forward to listening to you on Coast-to-Coast, but I don’t think you have anything to say I want to hear.

  3. hello … yes yes yes ~ the CATOLiC CHURCH, ie its LEADERs, are completely
    ……… disconnected from REALity, NOW &&& PAST, they are GODless men.
    ……… THEiR in DENiAL of the ” TRUTH ” of TREiR DEPRAVed DEEDs & the
    ……… DEEPth of SUFFERing CREATed by the SEXual PREDiTORs & ENABLERs.
    ……… WHAT would CHRiST SAY to these men who PROFESS to do GOOD, yet
    ……… in TRUTH DO EVil?

  4. Well well…if the President would have acted before now with some sort of ant-immigration action Arizona most probably would not have taken the steps it felt necessary to protect it’s sovereignty. I think Arizona is doing the right thing, I have no problem whatsoever with the new law. More states need to follow suit. This should have been done on a nationwide level over ten years ago!

  5. I agree with all the above. I will never listen to the advice of a church that propagated the sexual abuse of children and then covered it up. I too, thought this would be an intesting show tonight, but I won’t be listening to you now. You are ignorant of the law, and have no concern for the well-being of our country or it’s citizens. I’m tired of all you left-wing progressives hiding behind religiosity.

  6. You wrote: ” (Just how law-enforcement officers will do this without violating the protections guaranteed by the Constitution will be the focus of forthcoming lawsuits.)”

    The people who have ILLEGALLY entered the US have no protections under the Constitution. They are not citizens, they are criminals who have entered this country illegally.

  7. And just for the record-the Catholic Bishops got it WRONG on immigration! Get with the program Miss Miller, you and the rest of the lefties and bring YOUR President along too or watch more states follow Arizona’s lead.

  8. Not surprising that the only people who felt compelled to comment on this post are those who are filled with hate, and I might add, ignorance. The Constitution protects human beings, not just citizens, which supports my belief that these people find immigrants to be less than human. Rather than blame these immigrants for all our economic and social woes, we should thank them for doing the terrible jobs Americans have no desire to do. Thank you for posting this news. Just because an opinion is not popular does not mean it’s not right.

  9. Bravo Phillip Q. another display of true ignorance in this era of “if you don’t agree with me you’re a racist”. You don’t disappoint.

    Has it occurred to you that we’re “SUPPOSE” to be a nation of laws? Which law don’t YOU want to follow today and then explain why everyone but you should have to.

    Your accusation of “hate filled ignorance” only proves that you and your side have zero defense for you position, all you have left is to try and “shame” people into giving their country away.

    Keep trying buckshot. By the way, the Constitution applies to American citizens, not “everybody” as you assume. Talk about showing your ignorance!

    The rest of your comments are indefensible as well. “Jobs American won’t do” haha. That’s an asinine position propagated by groups like LaRaza, an anti-American race baiting organization second only to the KKK.

    Pull your head of out of you **** and stop listening to those who wish the destruction of American because in the end you won’t be spared.

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