Heaven Our Enduring Fascination with the Afterlife by Lisa Miller

Excerpt from “Heaven: Our Enduring Fascination With The Afterlife”

A groundbreaking history of the hereafter, “Heaven” by New York magazine contributing editor and religion editor Lisa Miller draws from both history and popular culture to reveal how past and presage visions of heaven have evolved and how they inspire us to both good and evil.

Stephanie Saldana’s Memoir Bread of Angels

It is understandable to want to run screaming from a “spiritual memoir”—especially when you discover it’s been written by a 27-year-old. Memoirs are bad enough, with their cringe-making confessions, their sordid tale-telling, and their self-important self-examination. Why, the reader too often wonders, should we care about you? Spiritual memoirs frequently inhabit the lowest tier of this navel-gazing. In a regular …

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