Lenard Lopate Interviews Lisa Miller about the Money-Empathy Gap

Tuesday, July 31, 2012, Lisa appears on the The Leonard Lopate Show to discuss her New York Magazine article “The Money-Empathy Gap.” Lisa Miller, contributing editor at New York magazine, discusses whether having more money makes people less kind. Her article “The Money-Empathy Gap” appeared in the July 1 issue of New York magazine.

How to Raise a Global Kid

Taking Tiger Mom tactics to radical new heights, these parents are packing up the family for a total Far East Immersion. Happy Rogers, age 8, stands among her classmates in the schoolyard at dismissal time, immune, it seems, to the cacophonous din. Her parents and baby sister are waiting outside, but still she lingers, engrossed in conversation. A poised and …

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The Fight Over Billy Graham’s Legacy

With the great evangelist in his twilight, his children jostle over his image and the family name. Billy Graham was upstairs, napping. In the kitchen of the mountaintop home where he and his wife, Ruth, raised their five children, the table was set for lunch. Except for a flickering candle on that table and the exuberant pacing of two large …

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Skip Gates’s Next Big Idea

With the circus of the ‘beer summit’ behind him, the high-wattage professor turns his eyes to the black experience in Latin America. Henry Louis Gates Jr., known to all as “Skip,” remembers the day he became obsessed with the subject of race. It was 1960, and he was 9 years old, staring at his grandfather’s corpse lying in state at …

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Blair’s New Mideast Mission

As the Middle East rages, Tony Blair argues that religion can help reform the region and bring about liberal democracies. He speaks to Lisa Miller about his latest diplomatic efforts—and his appearance today at Rick Warren’s church. As mass protests continued to rage in Egypt, Libya, and Yemen last week, all was serene in New Haven, Connecticut, where a dozen …

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What the Bible Really Says About Sex

New scholarship on the Good Book’s naughty bits and how it deals with adultery, divorce, and same-sex love. The poem describes two young lovers aching with desire. The obsession is mutual, carnal, complete. The man lingers over his lover’s eyes and hair, on her teeth, lips, temples, neck, and breasts, until he arrives at “the mount of myrrh.” He rhapsodizes. …

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