Press Coverage of “The Retro Wife”


  • This Is (and Is Not) the ‘Retro Wife’
    The Atlantic Wire, Mar 21, 2013
    The reactions to New York magazine’s recent “Feminist Housewife” piece by Lisa Miller should surprise no one. They are as wide and varied as are the ways in
  • ‘Feminist Housewife’ Writer Lisa Miller Is Trying to Make ‘Lean Out
    Jezebel, Mar 21, 2013
    New York Magazine writer Lisa Miller is doing some TV appearances to promote her bogus trend piece about the “legions” of “feminist housewives” who are
  • There’s Nothing Retro About the Retro Housewife If She Gets to Choose
    The Atlantic Wire, Mar 18, 2013
    If there’s one thing I think I know about feminism, it’s that every woman should have the right to pursue being whomever she wants to be. So why is New York magazine’s new feature, “The Retro Housewife,” in which Lisa Miller discusses how feminists are “having it all” by “staying home” so controversial?
  • Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Be a Feminist House Husband
    American Scene, March 19, 2013
    Into the ever-churning vortex of debate about leaning in/having it all comes Lisa Miller’s New York cover story bogus trend story about “the feminist housewife,”
  • Feminist Housewives Are Not Taking Over the Country
    Slate, March 18, 2013
    The New York Times columnist Ross Douthat once tweeted that New York Magazine is secretly a socially conservative rag. This week’s cover story—a bomb thrown into the work/family debate ignited by Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In—is about “feminist housewives…
  • Women Profiled in ‘Feminist Housewives’ Piece Say ‘New York
    Jezebel, Mar 22, 2013
    After I called “bullshit” on writer Lisa Miller’s New York story, taking Kelly Makino Makino contacted me, saying the magazine took her quotes out of context and
  • The Many Myths About Mothers Who ‘Opt Out’
    The Atlantic, Mar 25 2013
    Women don’t leave the workforce simply because they’re desperate to stay home and take care of their kids—their motivations are much more complicated than that.
    Nanette Fondas Mar 25 2013, 5:31 PM E
  • Have You Heard? Feminism’s Over!
    The American Prospect, Mar 21, 2013
    At least this is the point of the latest “trend” piece in New York magazine by Lisa Miller. Let’s get the debunking out of the way. The essential problem with Miller’s
  • Margaret Wente: Alternative advice to high-flying women: Lean back
    Globe and Mail, Mar 23, 2013
    Her new book, Lean In, is a smart, strategic guide for women who want to moves but the full embrace of domesticity,” Lisa Miller writes in New York magazine.
  • The Retro Wife Opts Out: What Has Changed, And What Still Needs To
    Huffington Post, Mar 19, 2013
    This week, New York Magazine, in an article titled “The Retro Wife,” reports that uninterested in the metaconversation about ‘having it all’,” Lisa Miller writes,
  • Campbell Brown: ‘Breast milk flying everywhere,’ – How do you lean
    MSNBC, Mar 21, 2013
    Lisa Miller, author of this week’s New York magazine piece, “The Retro Wife,” Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski, BBC’s Katty Kay and Joanna Coles,
  • The Complex, Often Idealistic Reasons Feminists Become
    The Atlantic, Mar 20, 2013
    Lisa Miller’s recent cover story on “feminist housewives” in New York magazine seemed to irritate people like sandpaper on a sunburn. In her story, Miller
  • The Mommy Wars (subscription), Mar 20, 2013
    One from New York Magazine, one from the UK Daily Mail, and they’re both about feminists who say ….. This is the author of this New Yorker piece, Lisa Miller.
  • Why The Opt-Out Story Won’t Die
    Buzzfeed, March 18, 2013
    New York focuses on the slice of well-educated, wealthy women who choose to stay home — and ignores the vast majority who don’t have a choice. It’s a tried-and-true way to stir up controversy.
  • There’s Nothing Retro About the Retro Housewife If She Gets to
    The Atlantic Wire, Mar 18, 2013
    So why is New York magazine’s new feature, “The Retro Housewife,” in which Lisa Miller discusses how feminists are “having it all” by “staying home” so
  • Breaking News: You Can Be A Feminist And A Stay-At-Home Mom
    The Frisky, Mar 19, 2013
    I expected the worst when I heard that that New York magazine would be writing an Instead, I found “The Retro Wife,” by Lisa Miller — while light on factual
  • Is the Newsweek Rabbis List good for the Jews?
    The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A., Mar 14, 2013
    But a short while later, Ginsberg invited Sanderson to his office in New York. “I’m Lisa Miller, the religion editor of Newsweek, and I want to print the list.” Rabbis” since the demise of Newsweek magazine’s print edition, is due out soon and